Be the change that you desire to see Contact Us Today's world is covered by land, sea and ESG. Let us help you prosper while making positive change to the planet and its people.

We work with businesses to foster equal access to opportunities and resources


Our solutions are tailored to promote prudent use of resources for the sake of future generations.


We pride ourselves in coming up with out-of-the-box solutions tailored to our clients needs.


We perform all our activities with excellence as our top priority.

About Us

Welcome to Veritable Solutions


An Independent Consulting Firm

Founded in 2017, Veritable Solutions Limited is a Kenyan based management consultancy whose aim is to provide authentic, inclusive and sustainable business solutions. The name Veritable is derived from the Latin word 'veritas' which means true, and is metaphor for the authenticity of our solutions. Our network of consultants are well versed in their areas of expertise, and we provide the right platform to ensure that they work in a coordinated fashion towards meeting engagement objectives.

Our Focus

We work with our clients to reengineer their systems and processes towards environmental sustainability

We help our clients manage interests of all their stakeholders for the success of their business.

We guide our clients on best governance practices for a successful enterprise.


Our Best Services


We help clients achieve prosperity through addressing issues negatively affecting the success of their business.


We develop and strengthen the skills and abilities of organisations and their staff to prepare them to adapt to and thrive in of today's ever-changing world.


We work with seasoned professionals in the labour and industrial relations sector to drive sound industrial relations in our client organisations.


We assist organisations to prepare for, implement and deal with the negative effects of changes in their operations and processes.


We work with organisations in identifying their data needs and coming up with models for its optimal use in driving business performance.


Our experts have in-depth knowledge in and will assist you in research and writing of reports that will allow you to make informed business decisions.


Our experts will work with you in identifying material risks in your business operations and assist you to put in place measure to eliminate and mitigate them.


We will work with you in the review of your business processes and assist you to come up with innovative ways to optimize them.


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We are looking to partner with like-minded individuals in achieving inclusive and sustainable milestones. If you fit this role, kindly get in touch with us on

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